One billion people live in a state of absolute poverty and malnutrition. 28,000 children die every day due to diseases, poverty and malnutrition. Mercy Ships provides medical care, relief aid and long-term sustainable change. The project began in 1978 by a United States religious group. Mercy Ships travel to over 70 ports in Africa, South America and the Caribbean.


A reality television series on-board a medical ship illustrating the work of surgeons and nurses, engineers, sea captains and deckhands as they travel the worlds oceans. Their mission is to dispense free medical aid, health education and construction projects to the poorest people, all on the edge of despair with little hope for improvement.

For centuries ships have sailed the oceans linking great nations, commerce and people. Now in the first years of the new millennium, Mercy Ships voyage around the world, their crews bringing help and hope to the neediest in our world. Mercy Ships have performed over 6,000 operations onboard its three great ships, the Anastasis, Caribbean Mercy and the Island Mercy.

The crew, technicians and medical staff are from over 40 nations, all are volunteers and paying their way to do this humanitarian work. It is unique lifestyle living and working onboard these ships, making new friends and visiting exotic locations for the good of the needy. Mercy Ships doctors and nurses are fully trained and equipped to do life saving surgery, repair cleft palates, crossed eyes, removing tumors, cataracts, mend broken bones and perform a multitude of major and minor operations with the most expensive treatments costing less than US $100 to the charity funds.

Operation Sea Legs is a scheme operated by onboard specialists providing prosthetic limbs to children and adult amputees, due to war, land mines and accidents. In less than a day a prosthetic limb can be fabricated and fitted. Village Clinics is the establishing of temporary and permanent buildings for local treatment of dental work and basic medical care. Follow up work includes on-site education in heath awareness and basic medical training.

If needed, specialists will dispense essential treatment prior to a hospital visit if one is available. The lack of Clean Water and Sanitation is one of the most urgent problems facing the emerging world today. Mercy Ships provide water pumps, assists with latrine construction and trains people in hygiene and sanitation. Wells are drilled to provide irrigation and safe drinking water, free from contamination and disease.

Construction Projects are schools, hospitals, clinics, training facilities and basic housing. Engineers, architects and volunteer labour work with the ships crew, inspiring the local people with simple solutions to old and demoralizing problems. Agriculture Projects help communities become self-sufficient in food production. Mercy Ships personnel provide teaching skills, education in crop rotation, tools and a seed supply allowing farms to be productive, breaking the cycle of dependency on crisis food aid. In time, excess food can be bartered for currency.

Video cameras on board are continually recording the medical operations and land-based projects. The intent is to supplement those cameras with professional crews and create a first class, prime time star driven television series, illustrating the lives and work of these dedicated people. Real people in real life and death situations.

Other medical innovations are the trains that travel continents dispensing aid and support. An aircraft complete with a full operating theatre plies the skies, curing cataracts and other eye problems. 

The French Medecins Sans Frontieres has a revolving group of doctors working globally, often in war torn or disaster areas.                                                                                                 


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