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Writer/Producer/Director Peter Shillingford has forty years of experience working in feature films, commercials and large format IMAX motion pictures. At present working on the funding of his musical "BELLA'S CLUB PHOENIX"

His career includes experience in almost all aspects of motion picture production. Line Producer of the Academy Award winning "GENOCIDE". Early in his career, he was Location Manager and one of the two Cameramen on DYLAN THOMAS, starring Richard Burton, which won Jack Howells the Oscar for best director.

Working with Hemdale, he co-financed and produced the thirty minute SIMON SIMON for UK cinema release on the Rank circuit. Guest stars included Peter Sellers, Michael Caine, David Hemmings, Morecambe & Wise, Bob Monkhouse, winning the Special Prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

He financed and produced the 35-minute support feature "29" for the Odeon Circuit, starring Alexis Kanner, Justine Lord and Robert Lang. A film the BFI designated as one of the top shorts of the 70's.

Shillingford wrote, directed and produced TODAY MEXICO TOMORROW THE WORLD for Rank Films UK, a 35 minute co-feature, with guest stars Richard Harris, Tom Courtenay, David Hemmings, Marty Feldman, Nicol Williamson, Ian McShane and John Alderton, hosted by Michael Parkinson.

This led to the Border Films Production of Shillingford's first 90 minute feature film which he both wrote and directed THE ENGLISH GIRL ABROAD featuring beautiful English girls  misbehaving on holiday in the Far East.

After producing for ten years in London with his commercials company, Shillingford Lambe, he relocated to Los Angeles at the suggestion of producer/director George Lucas, having worked at Elstree and in Tunisia on STAR WARS: THE MAKING OF for 20th Century Fox as director and cinematographer.

He was line producer and cinematographer on GENOCIDE, the Academy Award winning feature documentary with Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor, financed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

He went on to produce, direct and photograph several very successful 3-D motion-simulation experiences which can still be found in theme parks all over the world, including OLYMPIC BOBSLED, HANG GLIDER, ROLLER SKATING, HELL'S ANGELS, HAUNTED GRAVEYARD, RUNAWAY SLEDGE, SKI BOARD RIDE and the now legendary, ROLLER COASTERS IN 3D.

He continued to produce commercials in the US for several major ad agencies and global clients such as AT&T, Ford, Shell, Xerox, United Airlines, Christian Brothers Wine with Orson Welles and the US Government Public Services using Star Wars R2D2 and C3P0.

He was selected by IMAX and GRAPHIC FILMS to be the Director of Photography on the Large Format 40 minute productions of SEASONS and FORD AUTO NEWS.

He was also one of four IMAX cinematographers on VOLCANOES : RING OF FIRE. He co-produced and co-wrote YOSEMITE in the IMAX format for the Large Format cinema circuit. He was the cinematographer on the IWERKS Large Format films HAWAII: ISLANDS OF THE GODS, TIERRA DE GRACIA in Venezuela, and in Spain, SEGOVIA: BETWEEN TWO LIGHTS.

He produced, directed and photographed HIGHLANDER ll: THE MAKING OF in Argentina for DAVIS PANZER Productions, starring Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Virginia Madsen and Michael Ironside.

He visited the UK to work for Universal TV as second unit director and cinematographer on THE RETURN OF SAM McCLOUD starring Dennis Weaver for the ABC Network.

Shillingford has also been commissioned by various different production companies to write feature film scripts, including WITHOUT CONSENT, HIDE AND SHRIEK, DIVA UNPLUGGED, THREE MEN IN A BOAT and BLUE MOVIE, all of which are in different stages of pre-production.

His original screenplay TRUCE 1914 based on the WW1 Christmas truce is now out of option. MGM has released PAPARAZZI UNLEASHED from its four year option.

Shillingford continues to provide expertise as a Large Format (IMAX, IWERKS) creative consultant and is working with leading theme park designers on several interactive exhibits including; ICEBERG! ICEBERG! for Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Spain. AQUASPHERE, a CGI virtual reality aquarium for the US. ZEPPELIN a Large Format theatre and restaurant experience destined for Atlantic City. TABLE MOUNTAIN a World's Fair project for South Africa. SPRUCE GOOSE a museum concept for the original Howard Hughes seaplane and other vintage aircraft.

He was Creative Consultant to the proposed South African Antarctica Museum, GGM Commercials, Cape Town. Monex at Ratanga Junction Theme Park, Cape Town and various venture capital companies in South Africa.

Creator of the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race with Prime Minister Edward Heath. Working with the Royal Jordan Film Commission on the 3-D IMAX production of TO JORDAN WITH LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.

Shillingford is a regular on the international lecture circuit with his film related presentations based on his career in the motion picture industry. He has appeared at the UK film colleges, various other universities and film schools around the world as a guest lecturer.


Peter Shillingford

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