Peter Shillingford


A powerful revenge story of three intelligent, independent women angered and humiliated by their experiences with rape and the potential threat of AIDS.

Constantly frustrated with the insensitivity of the male dominated authorities and society's inadequate response, they decide to take the law into their own violent hands. Nina is a divorced housewife who is abused and forced to submit to the sexual demands of her drunken ex-husband Ralph.

Nina's 13-year-old daughter Pamela witnesses the attack on her mother. Ralph has also physically abused Pamela, Nina's daughter from a previous marriage.

Sally is a pretty teenager who is gang raped in a van and left for dead on a railway line by three gang bangers. They have no intention of her surviving to identify them.

It is when the two battered bodies of Nina and Sally are being treated at the local hospital that Dr. Diana King and Nurse Ann McGregor become emotionally involved.

Sgt. Joe Scott, a tough, well-intentioned, by-the-book career officer, represents the police. His partner, Officer Jill Tucker attempts to compensate for Scott's occasional old-fashioned lack of understanding in sensitive areas.

She constantly has to suppress her own anger when handling crimes involving violence against women and children. When Nurse Ann McGregor is attacked, Nina, Ann and Doctor King, now friends and bonded by the acts of violence, begin a series of unique revenge attacks on the men responsible.

Their use of the television news media after leaving the rapists assaulted by red paint and branded with red-hot pokers appeals to women all over the country. The revenge attacks attract further media attention and Sgt. Scot and his partner Jill Tucker investigate the three women.

Their own involvement with a particular violent rape and murder, not connected with the three women's crimes, finds Scott wounded and Tucker intent on her own personal revenge on the killer perpetrator.

The result is further acts of revenge and the death's of those that deserve it         


  Peter Shillingford

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