Lectures I have available. They include "Genocide" a multi-format film I line produced and photographed which won an Academy Award.

"To Jordan with Lawrence of Arabia"

Research and development of a large format 40 minute film in 3-D IMAX illustrating the culture, the people and their environments. We will travel with two young people with the ghosts of Lawrence of Arabia and the American newsman Lowell Thomas guiding them along the way. The intention is solving a series of riddles which leads to the discovery of ancient treasures and their return to their rightful owners including the King and Queen of Jordan.

"A Child of the Desert"

A continuing story over the millenniums of a child's progress to manhood through many centuries of the areas formation and achievements. The year is 12000 BC. A Large Format 3-D film illustrating the culture and tourism potential of the Arabia Peninsula.


A Power Point slide presentation illustrating the making of this Academy Award winning film as the Line Producer and Cinematographer.  Personal stories of Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor who narrated the letters from the death camps.  Excepts from the original soundtrack. A grueling and emotional exercise.

"Imax, Large Format and the Hollywood Dream" 

A presentation of the largest motion picture format ever conceived.  I have worked as the cinematographer with this camera system in a dozen countries on five large format films and believe this fascinating format, which is barely known to the general public, deserves a wider hearing. Stories of Hollywood stars and exotic locations. The 80 slides illustrate the lecture with classic IMAX images of artwork, including cameras, posters, production stills and diagrams. 

"Christmas 1914…The Movie". 

The research and preparation for my next feature film.  As the writer and director I have created a Power Point slide presentation illustrating the structure of the original script covering the unique Christmas Truce, a storyboard of the opening conflict sequence, the First World War battlefield and the British and German men and women that fought there.  The importance of star casting and the financial aspects of UK/Europe film production are also covered. 

"Star Wars…The Making Of"

A lecture on the award winning television film I made as director and cameraman with George Lucas. This presentation covers the production of the Star Wars film on location in Tunisia, North Africa, Elstree Studios in London and Hollywood. Power Point slides and soundtrack cover the activities of cast and crew. Stories on Lucas, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Sir Alec Guinness...and little people! 

"Volcano's of the Pacific Rim". 

A Power Point illustrated lecture with excepts from the 35 minute DVD of the "Ring of Fire" an IMAX film we made of erupting volcanoes with special coverage of the Almero, Columbia tragedy where 23,000 people perished. As the first director and cinematographer at the disaster, my footage was distributed globally. 

"Venezuela and Tierra de Gracia"

A study of all that Venezuela has to offer to tourists and international adventure seekers.  A Power Point presentation with video and original soundtrack of "Tierra de Gracia" the award-winning World's Fair film.  As the cinematographer, a unique journey into the rain forests and tributaries to the Amazon River.  A parachute jump off Angel Falls the highest waterfall in the world is featured, as are the Lost World rock configurations that inspired the writing of so many authors including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

"Hollywood and the Rat Race"

As a writer, producer, director and cinematographer working in Hollywood for 20 very odd years, the past recollections on a Power Point presentation will illustrate the career and personalities I met socially and worked with in the Hollywood studios and on location.  Triple books for accounting. Stories of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Prince Albert of Monaco, Elizabeth Taylor, Orson Welles, James Coburn, Gregory Peck, Kirk Douglas, Richard Burton, Piece Brosnan, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Sir Alec Guinness, The Rolling Stones, Sir Michael Caine and Sir Sean Connery. 

"Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend"

A Power Point presentation script treatment of the historical characters that raped and pillaged, stole and bartered the great diamonds from the beginning of time until today.  The Koh-in-Noor, the Cullinan, all were highly prized by Genghis Kahn, Marco Polo and the Kings and Queens of Europe. Thieves also committed an audacious robbery at the Tower of London, the French Crown jewels vanished from the Paris Palace and many famous diamonds have disappeared into private collections, never to be seen again. This is a script I wrote while researching the De Beers influence in Southern Africa.

"The Panama Canal"

A lecture on one the greatest engineering accomplishments in the world today. The French began and failed in the 1880's, the US took over and completed just before the First World War broke out.  After thousands of ships have passed thru the locks between the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans. The Canal continues to operate, controlled now by the Government of Panama.  Stories of the Japanese WW2 giant submarines, designed to catapult kamikaze bombers into the Canal lock gates: The legendary animal and bird-life of the surrounding rain forest: The ancient forts and the pirates they defended the city against. 

My fee is negotiable depending on how many lectures are required. 

English only. 

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