An international TV series investigating world events. Michael PARKER with LIFENEWS and Elizabeth ROSE with NEWSTIME find themselves head to head and often bed to bed in pursuit of an exclusive story. A series that explores the in-depth analysis and investigative reporting that is required for such major publications. A Pulitzer Prize is the golden ring.


Michael Parker of LIFENEWS and Elisabeth Rose of NEWSTIME are the most respected journalists in the news  field, their expertise, their connections are first class, and their writing reflects meticulous preparation and in-depth information. Both are award winners and they are in constant conflict, usually over the same article.

PARKER and ROSE, work hand in hand with other journalists, police officers, private investigators, court officials, photographers, scientists, thieves, snitch?s and street people, in fact anybody who can give a lead to cracking a major public interest story. There is danger, intrigue, physical confrontation, and brilliant mind-play in unraveling these stories. Every connection is made, no fact left unchecked, the true story is king.

Street smart Michael has more experience and global contacts often give him an early edge on a fast breaking story, he is more inclined to take physical risks which incur the wrath of his editor and the conservative officialdom he has to deal with. His aggressive line of questioning, interrogation some call it, is almost brutal but extremely effective.

Elizabeth's modus operandi is quite the opposite, her sensual good looks, charm, and acerbic wit, coupled with razor sharp analytical reasoning soon opens doors often closed to Michael's more aggressive attitude. They continue this battle of extreme rivalry much to the delight of the directors in both corporate boardrooms. She is also the daughter of the NEWSTIME chairman with connections that go to the top.

Michael and Elizabeth's public relationship is cool but cordial; in private something else. Each has often pulled strings to get the other in or out of a story. Their respective power is awesome. Together they could bring down governments and have. They work for two rival organizations and the Government wants to keep it that way. Many times they share information often gleaned from the same source.

They both know that various Government Departments use them for media leaks, a conduit for information that needs to be on the street but not with Downing Street or White House approval.

They happily play this game; it works well for all parties. Other connections, from the highly placed intellectual "Night Sight", to the many criminal elements are treated with the same respect. All information sources to a journalist are sacred and are extremely well protected.

Michael, to get a story would backpack into forbidden territory with local Freedom Fighters whilst Elizabeth would commandeer Lifenews private jet to parachute in with medical supplies and the latest in satellite phones.

This involvement in the continued pursuit of the story brings them constantly into their own personal battlefield. Their reliance upon each other and the varied connections is a fragile give and take situation, one they are both very aware of.                                                                                                                                                                                  Together they make a lethal combination, when in opposition it's more than sparks that fly. The final fade out to each story is of them about to make love, often in an erotic or bizarre situation, usually dictated by the final scene in the story just played.                                                                                                                                                                     


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