Annís mobile home skids and crashes into a deep tree lined ravine which is then followed by Jimís car. Ann and Jim are now thrown together and are certainly not ready to face their perilous situation. The physical aspects of staying alive in such a confined space brings out the best and the worst in them. A cocktail of drugs are shared and that does not improve their disposition. The mobile home is now their prison cell. Will nobody find them?


A howling rain storm rips across a mountain pass. Through the gloom the headlights of a mobile home approaches. On a rain soaked corner the vehicle slides slowly and ominously to the edge of the ravine. After clipping the metal barrier hard it speeds on its way. Annís muttered curses are heard.

A metal wheel cover spins and dies on the rain soaked track.

On the next rain swept corner Ann Fordís mobile home slides out of control in a 360 degree spin and plunges into a deep ravine to be instantly buried in the deep undergrowth. Snow begins to fall.

Ann, the young woman inside the mobile home is semi unconscious, blood seeps from a minor wound on her forehead. The dim light from the windows reveals that thick branches block every window in the vehicle. The engine coughs and dies. The windscreen wipers stop.

Recovering, Ann winds down her window but rain pouring in makes that a bad choice.

She wipes the blood off her forehead and studies herself in the vanity mirror in the sun shade. She attempts to open the door but a tree trunk blocks her efforts.

Turning the ignition on and attempting to start the engine finds no response. Again she turns the starter over. After four attempts the engine starts. Engaging gear she floors the accelerator to escape. The vehicle rocks back and forth but will not move.

The Sat/Nav works fine. Her mobile phone call is scrambled. Her water bottle is half empty. A half eaten sandwich is in the glove compartment. A match box contains just a dozen matches. The rear interior of the mobile homes is wrecked mess of kitchen utensils and food containers.

A car crashes down beside her and her window is partially cleared to reveal Jim Blake, a young man unconscious over his steering wheel. Rain is rapidly filling his car, forcing Ann to prise open her window and drag the now semi-conscious man into her vehicle.

Over many days and nights they battle the elements. Together they fight off a starving bear attempting to break in. Wolves howl nearby. A bottle of brandy is rescued from Jimís car.

Drugs are shared and their nightmare escalates. They attempt to ignite the gasoline from Jimís tank. The rain extinguishes their efforts. The sides of the ravine are steep and cannot be climbed. Trees hem them in. The storm continues.

Low on gasoline the heater has to be used sparingly. Ann suffers again with hyperthermia and Jim strips her down to massage her and bring her back to life.

The last of the brandy turns them both on and they have sex, uncomfortably but joyfully and with laughter. Music on the radio reverts to news of another storm. Outside the snow is piling up.

The drugs kick in with a bad reaction and their paranoia increases, their conflict goes from reality to fantasy. The mobile home becomes their prison cell.

Arguments break out; plans are conceived and implemented but to no avail. The food they had has long gone. With the drugs ebbing from their exhausted bodies they begin to accept that death is very near. The sound of a helicopter fades away. Their hopes crash.

Annís parents have their own problems. Her stepmother manipulates the search party with wrong directions as she realises the Annís life insurance would pay for her divorce.

Realizing that a last effort is needed to stay alive a small fire is set up in the rear of the mobile home. Smoke inhalation becomes a problem as does the spread of the fire. With the mobile home ablaze smoke gushes out the broken windows.

Together and near death they hear the crash of boots on the roof. A fireman is cutting his way in.

Two ambulances move off in different directions, sirens blaring, lights flashing.