A concept for an educational thrill ride thru the interior of a working and melting iceberg. Designed for a theme park or entertainment centre in a desert environment.

                                                ICEBERG !

                                                ICEBERG !


                                          Peter Shillingford


The unique concept of a museum/entertainment centre within the interior of an iceberg with subject matter embracing both the Arctic and Antarctica would be very provocative, and as a visual landmark, a global discussion and visiting point for both tourists and media. It will have major revenue appeal to any community and can be franchised.

Content would range from children's inter-active exhibits; images chasing a single floating snowflake alighting on a glacier; to projected 3-D images of the largest iceberg adrift.

Environments of extreme wind, cold, heat, and light phenomena, as in aurora polaris, will be experienced in a drive or walk-through basis, as would other educational and entertainment driven, inter-active exhibits.

The physical interior content of an iceberg with its gallery's and canyons of ice and water will be explored via a People Mover with consideration given to natural elements leeched from the landmass; plus deposits from the atmosphere such as volcanic dust, prehistoric creature remains and man made artifacts such as boats, tools and human bodies.

The interior and exterior would have waterfalls amid climbing areas of different degrees of difficulty. At Yosemite Valley in Northern California, people watch the climbers for hours, expecting them to fall, even with safety ropes. Demonstrations can take place with diving stunts and night-time water and lighting displays.

Famous explorers of history would have their place, as would modern day workers exploring, mining, mapping and protecting the region. Robotic machines would plough the icy wastes seeking buried treasure amongst the falling lumps of ice and debris.

The world's oceans and atmosphere will be investigated, as would the weather, tides and currents, plus the creatures of the land and sea, with special emphasis on the prehistoric, the present and future use of the fish stocks.


The phenomena of polar global warming and the problems of the ozone layer should be addressed with emphasis on how the effect is a bell warning for the rest of the planet. Imagine Dubai, London or New York under 30 metres of seawater. Scale models could demonstrate these phenomena.

Recent innovations have produced a snow like substance that is non-toxic; it can be molded like snow, it is edible, and maintains its consistency up to 70 degrees F. Often the visitors would be showed with this effect in an amusing and non-threatening manner. Many other creative inventions are available that are cutting-edge in this concept of inter-action with the visitor.

Many films and television programs are available with available footage for inter-active audio-visual experiences in a window screen. All will combine with a program of near disasters to create a potential life threatening but entertaining experience for the participants.

This classic interactive museum/entertainment centre and its hands-on educational experience will generate media attention in its exampling of the Arctic and Antarctic iceberg environments, all combined with the visual beauty of such an arresting and unique structure in its desert environment…

Peter Shillingford

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I C E B E R G !   I C E B E R G !
A written concept and rendering for a unique exploration of the interior of an iceberg.
   Created by Peter Shillingford.
 Exterior Concept 
A free standing re-creation of an immense iceberg in an
expanse of blue ocean water. 
Waves constantly buffer the iceberg, whales spouting and seals surfacing would be a constant attraction to each group of visitors. 
A submarine surfaces fires a missile and dives.
Outside observers would be drawn to this towering exhibit in its unique environment.
 A journey by elevator to the very depths of the iceberg
    and its inner workings.
Broken steam pipes, falling ice blocks
    and debris threaten the participants.
 Interior Of Platform Elevator
A barren cage of wire mesh, graffited walls and the
occasionally glimpse of a lateral tunnel or ice grotto. 
Constantly malfunctions. Siren warnings.
Rolling walls achieve the effect of descent. 
Images seen briefly through partitions in the rolling walls
give the impression of depth.
Boarding Area
Visitors await arrival of emergency people mover.
Life threatening incidents in area.
Elevator departs in a flurry of smoke and
The People Mover
A work horse of a vehicle, devoid of charm, driven badly
by a robot with a mean turn of phrase. 
Many inter-active problems in the area with other
vehicles and collapsing tracks.
Cutaway view of Iceberg Interior
Various galleries, chambers, grotos and tunnels. 
All with inter-active problems for the visitors.
Working models of animatronic miners, archaeologists
and robot machines.
Various galleries, chambers, grotos and tunnels. 
All with inter-active view windows to the underwater
and desert views.
   Emergency Tunnel
Normally a Nuclear Waste disposal chute now
    a very fast exit for our visitors....chased by a
rolling ball of threatening debris.
People Mover escapes into Retail Store to empty your wallet!

2 Creefleet House
280 Kew Road


0208 940 4507         077 866 42171