A full length feature script.



Brian Eatwell



EDDY HOLLAND is a sharp, good-looking presenter for an American network's successful weekly program on current affairs. Cashing in on public interest surrounding President Clinton's formative years, he has completed a segment on American students currently studying at Oxford.

It is also a perfect excuse to renew his acquaintance with a lifelong friend DR. RICHARD HATHAWAY, resident American Professor of Anthropology, a popular tutor, who has collaborated in the production.

Completion of filming coincides with the end of the Spring Term, and the two friends set off for a welcome break to tour the Scottish Highlands. They take advantage of an invitation from a pretty English student HELEN BARCLAY whose father, a retired Army COLONEL, has a house on a remote island.

Her life is complicated by the fact that she intends to marry a handsome young black American fellow student JIMMY HUBBARD. Back home there has been a tacit agreement that she would perhaps marry an older man, an aggressive and possessive MAJOR GRACE, who has seen service with her father as recently as the Falklands and Desert Storm conflict.

The Oxford party arrives on the island at dawn by ferry. EDDY and HATHAWAY set off in a rented Land Rover. HELEN'S news does indeed shatter and unhinge the MAJOR. He enlists the aid of professional soldiers who served under him, plus the islands corrupt police officers, to snare the young AMERICAN in an elaborate trap, causing his detention on drug charges.

HELEN'S affectionate father foolishly decides to keep the news of her fiancée's arrest from her, it being the night of a grand Hunt Ball. Some miles away, EDDY and HATHAWAY have been obliged to abandon their unreliable vehicle and trek back to the village.

They learn of HUBBARD'S arrest and are suspicious, their curiosity heightened when an attempt to reach HELEN at her father's estate reveals the existence of a highly secured quasi-military establishment.

At the Hunt Ball, EDDY and HATHAWAY witness HELEN'S distress on learning the truth of JIMMY'S arrest, and are roundly insulted by a drunken and officious MAJOR. A fight ensues, and the soldiers soundly thrash the visitors.

They wake up in jail to be informed that the young student HUBBARD has taken his own life. The island's DOCTOR has verified the suicide. Helpless to intervene further, they return with repairs to their crippled vehicle.

In the valley below, the legitimate fox hunt is in full flight when the MAJOR breaks away with a renegade group of soldiers controlling a vicious pack of bloodthirsty wolfhounds. They quickly pick up the scent. The deadly chase is on.

To escape near death, EDDY and HATHAWAY are forced to climb over a sheer cliff face. Halfway down, EDDY loses his footing, falls, suffering the most dreadful life-threatening injuries, significantly to his face. The end of a career and his good looks.

The MAJOR is satisfied he has dealt with the intruders. Unknown to her doting father, he kidnaps HELEN when she attempts to flee to the mainland for help. HATHAWAY utilises his extraordinary knowledge of Red Indian folklore, the rituals of the sweat lodge and elaborate sand painting with its magical powers, to rescue his dear friend from the brink of death.

As EDDY slowly recovers, he's tutored in the ways of a warrior, hunting, fishing, survival, honing his skills in basic weapons. As he heals, his mentality changes, aligns itself with HATHAWAY'S quiet deadly force, together to become a deadly fighting machine bent on revenge.

Now virtually unrecognisable in their Red Indian war paint, they begin the havoc by stealing the COLONEL'S thoroughbreds and rescuing HELEN from her enforced imprisonment. Before she takes off with them to their hideout, she reveals all to her astonished FATHER.

He just misses MAJOR GRACE and his men who have been alerted to the presence of these avenging warriors. They spend a fruitless first night in pursuit, and return exhausted at dawn. The COLONEL informs them he is about to alert the War Office, and places them all under house arrest. Observed by our concealed warriors, the MAJOR coldly executes his Commander-in-Chief.

In a secret cave, HELEN grieves, turns a personal corner, and makes a commitment. A funeral cortege with full military honours as the whole village turns out to pay last respects to a popular leader.

The service at the graveside is interrupted when HELEN, dressed as a warrior and accompanied by HATHAWAY and EDDY, arrives on horseback to lay her own personal tribute of wild flowers. In such a crowded place, the demented MAJOR is powerless to respond.

The fearful battle in the hills that night is swift, decisive and terrifying as the most sophisticated of weapons, night-scopes, tracer bullets, radio communications, prove to be utterly worthless against a demonstration of the most basic elements of traditional Indian cunning and subterfuge.

His men dropping like flies around him, the MAJOR retreats to the village where he tries to enlist the help of the inhabitants who are still mourning. They turn against him; his only escape route left being the ferryboat.

The ferry sails, and the MAJOR feels a moment's security until he discovers who is in command of the ship.

"SAVAGE RED" Log line

Two men and girl bring down havoc on a band of island renegade mercenaries. The American Indian knowledge of cunning and guile they use proves more than a match for the sophisticated weaponry of the pursuing militia. These warriors avenge the murder of the girl's father and the perpetrators are brought to justice and horribly punished in the manner of the American Indian.

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